A synopsis Of Global Fleet credentialsis appended below


The company has been into fleet operations from last 14 years, though by then it was an LLP named NGT which has been migrated into a Pvt. Ltd. Firm with joining of additional Promoter Directors to make it a thorough professional set-up.


Jugendra Singh, Rohit Kumar and Jabar Singh are a unit of visionary, courageous and risk-taking innovative individuals, NGT was started more than a decade back and been very successful in the industry. These traditional entrepreneurs who actually proven a lot of myths wrong by establishing a partnership business to next level, by ensuring business delivery with 98% efficiency and with Nil cash flow issues till date.

Next Innovation

Lt. Pradeep Chouhan, Mr. Kshitij Upadhyay - Have joined the board as Promoter Directors to take the Global fleet at PAN India level and within a span of short time, today Global is serving its clients at Multiple cities.

Clienteles and Vendor Base

Client ageing

Last 10 years been serving CSC, RBS, Nokia in an un interrupted manner and shown the loyalty and delivery towards two clients i.e. at one side providing operation for contracted company like Orix,Vlink etc and the other side providing un interrupted service to employee for contract company and never bye-pass anyone in whatsoever manner.


Own office Infra, own vehicles 300+, Started procurement in other city and procured 15 vehicles in Pune.

Vendors Base

No compromise in vendor payment and maintaining 30 days payment cycle with upfront support for fuel and maintenance to drivers and vendors. Total vendor strength is 75+

Safety and security

Nil major accident till date in last 10 years of operations and no litigation issues or cases received for any drivers or supervisors.


An in-house tracking system is in place to ensure robust compliance mechanism under the direct supervision from one of the promoters exclusively assigned for this role.

Training of Drivers

It’s done at the time of Induction and thereafter twice a year with a training calendar duly mapped

Tracking of Cabs

100 % of fleet is fitted with GPS for live tracking and monitoring, apart from that drivers are properly trained to use mobile apps for starting and closing trips.

Acceptance to Technology

The company is open to adapt to new technologies as per the client and even open the provide solutions for an end to end Tech solutions.

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